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Z10 Rouge

Collection : Single / Single
Référence : Z10 Rouge
Coloris : TC04 Rouge
Délais de livraison : Within 4 weeks
Plaque pré-assemblée : 10 cm x
10 cm x
1.2 cm
Vendu en vrac
Conditionnement : 1 m2
Minimum de commande : 2 m2

The edges are cut with a Marteline by Master Craftsmen and bevelled at the back for an “edge to edge” installation.

The red Z10 zellige is ideal for a splashback, a shower.

The pose of the Z10 is deliberately irregular and that is its charm. This unstructured effect highlights the nuances of each tile. The 10x10cm zellige reacts like mirror facets and captures the light irregularly.

Sold in bulk, it is available within 2 to 4 weeks in 15 colours. We can also produce 10x10cm in another color than those offered, you can see all of our colors in the color chart.

Uses : 

Possibles installations  :

A strong bias for this bathroom designed by Gaelle Ducasse. the Rouge TC04 zelliges are coordinated with a terracotta painting
Zellige rouge TC04, Ateliers Zelij