Moroccan zellige Our Moroccan zellige, real tiles made by the hands of master craftsmen, the Mâalems, who have passed on all the secrets of this art through the ages. And to protect this know-how, the Ministry of Handicrafts of Morocco has created the Zellige label from Fès, and we are proud to produce our real zelliges, under the aegis of this demanding label. Fes clay is first shaped, then enamelled before being cut with a hammer. The enamel is fired in a traditional wood-fired oven, creating nuances by the flame. Our zelliges shades are calibrated, however a single sample cannot be representative of all the zelliges shades. Our confidential research & development studio is nestled in the heart of Toulouse. Drawings, folds or molds are means to study the shapes of Moroccan zellige. Dissect, distort or modulate like notes on music paper.The nuances offered by the zelliges are a melting pot for composing our chromatic universes.The workshop is a real playground, where wait patiently in lockers, essays, under puzzle shape. Today, Moroccan zellige is the stuff of dreams for its unique vibration. It is therefore important for us to remember its origin. To recognize it, the real Moroccan zellige has edges bevelled by hand unlike the industrial zellige effects, cut by machine.It is without counting, on the imagination of the duo that Ateliers Zelij continues its surface revolution with Paz Collection . These creations were first the reflection of Delphine Laporte, to meet the demand for projects such as Aesop de Toulouse. Then developed by Creative Director Samir Mazer.