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Collection : Creative © / Creative ©
Référence : TRC9-3
Coloris : TC06 Blanc de Fès
Délais de livraison : Within 2 weeks / Within 2 weeks
Plaque pré-assemblée : 30 cm x
30 cm x
1.4 cm
Conditionnement : 1 m2
Minimum de commande : 2 m2

It is one of the best sellers of the brand! The white Zellige TRC9-3 is designed by Samir Mazer. Its trapezoidal cutout makes it possible to multiply the nuances specific to zellige.

For fast delivery, the TRC9-3 model is available in Blanc de Fès TC06 in the Ready-to-Deliver Collection.

To reproduce the TRC9-3 in the color of your choice, go to our “Tailor-made” collection

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Uses : 

Possibles installations :

One of the bathrooms of the mythical Marriott Cala di Volpe hotel, recently redesigned by decorator Bruno Moinard
TRC9-3 TC06 SDB Cala di volpe