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Marketed exclusively by Ateliers Zelij without reproduction authorization.

Collection: Creative ©
Reference: TRC2
Colors: TC57 Rose Poudré
Delivery delay: Within 4 weeks
Pre-assembled plate: 30 cm x
30 cm x
1.4 cm
Conditioning: 1 m2 m2
Minimum order: 2 m2 m2

The pink Zellige Creative TRC2 is one of the flagship models of the Ateliers Zelij brand. This assemblage of triangles is repeated ad infinitum to enhance the nuances and create a crystalline geometry. This model in Powder Pink TC57 creates a universe of softness and subtle nuances.

An exclusive design by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij without permission to reproduce.

We can reproduce this model in the color of your choice, go to the “Bespoke collection”

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