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Collection: Creative © / Creative ©
Reference: TRC13
Colors: TC31 Noir / TC22 Beige / TC35 Bleu / TC20 Miel
Delivery delay: Within 2 weeks / Within 2 weeks
Pre-assembled plate: 30 cm x
30 cm x
1.4 cm
Conditioning: 1 m2
Minimum order: 2 m2

Available in contrasting shades of blue and black, the blue Creative TRC13 zellige is a unique creation by designer Samir Mazer, transposing the language of printed textiles to contemporary ceramics.

An exclusive design by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij without permission to reproduce.

The TRC13 is available in any color from our color chart, go to “Bespoke”

Uses : 

Possibles installations :

The architect Vladimir Mirabeau designed the “Crave” brasserie in Shanghai.
TRC13 @mirabeau_design