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Collection : Paz / Paz
Référence : TRC10A-1/C1
Délais de livraison : Within 2 weeks / Within 2 weeks
Plaque pré-assemblée : 29.7 cm x
29.5 cm x
0.9 cm
Conditionnement : 0.88 m2
Minimum de commande : 2.64 m2

Our TRC10 stone mosaic is inspired by the timeless Venetian mosaics, this pre-assembled mosaic on mesh is made up of 4 stone species with multiple and noble textures to honor the ancestral know-how of stonemasons.

Estremoz Marble, Dolomia Gold, Green India with Small Granite

You can also find this design in our Creative Zellige Custom collection.

A design by Samir Mazer without permission to reproduce.

Uses : 

Possibles installations :

PAZ TRC10 flooring in the Beef Bar restaurant in Maltese
Mosaique de pierre Stone & Terrazzo Ateliers Zelij PAZ TRC10