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Collection: Basic / Basic
Reference: TR01
Colors: TC31 Noir
Delivery delay: Within 4 weeks / Within 4 weeks
Pre-assembled plate: 30 cm x
30 cm x
1.4 cm
Conditioning: 1 m2
Minimum order: 2 m2

Pre-assembled plate composed of 5x5cm square zellige tesserae for a flatter surface than 10x10cm tiles.

The black TR01 zellige is ideal for a walk-in shower.

Available within 4 weeks for the black color.

The TR01 can be produced in any color from our color chart, go to “Bespoke”

Uses : 

Possibles installations :

Project of a bathroom floor with our TR01 in black TC31 and TR01 TC06
TR01 TC06 + Z10 TC31