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BEJMAT 4,5-14,5

Collection: Single
Reference: BEJMAT 4,5-14
Colors: TC01 Naturel
Delivery delay: Within 2 weeks / Within 4 weeks
Pre-assembled plate: 4.5 cm x
14 cm x
2 cm
Sold in bulk
Conditioning: 0.5 m2 m2
Minimum order: 2 m2 m2

What does Bejmat mean!?

The bejmat is an enamelled or natural biscuit whose edges are straight, unlike zellige whose edges are bevelled.

It offers 2 particularities: its rectangular shape allows you to play with assemblies to create graphic terracotta carpets. The clay color of Fez is also very special with its light and soft hues. The desired effect is unique, irregular and nuanced, it transports us directly to warm Mediterranean countries.

Sold in bulk

Uses : 

Possibles  installations :

The natural bejmat can be installed indoors and outdoors with a water-repellent treatment and are guaranteed at -15°C
Bejmat terrasse1
The natural bejmat is suitable for laying on the kitchen floor thanks to a surface treatment after laying. A project signed BNK Architecte