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Collection : Creative © / Creative ©
Référence : TRC8A
Coloris : TC35 Bleu
Délais de livraison : Within 4 weeks / Within 4 weeks
Plaque pré-assemblée : 30 cm x
30 cm x
1.4 cm
Conditionnement : 1 m2
Minimum de commande : 2 m2

The blue Creative zellige TRC8A is an exclusive design by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij, it is available in 4 versions ranging from multicolor prints to semi-plains highlighting the natural variation of traditional zelliges.

An exclusive design by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij without permission to reproduce.

We accompany you to create a custom model from our color chart and this design.

Uses : 

Possibles installations :

TRC8 Riviera_Madrague