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Collection : Creative © / Creative ©
Référence : TRC3
Coloris : TC06 Blanc de Fès / TC32 Jaune
Délais de livraison : Within 4 weeks / Within 4 weeks
Plaque pré-assemblée : 20 cm x
20 cm x
1.4 cm
Conditionnement : 0.8 m2
Minimum de commande : 2.4 m2

The designer Samir Mazer imagined for Ateliers Zelij, the yellow and white Creative TRC3 zellige, a design with strong and contrasting lines. Breaking away from the traditional zellige patterns, it highlights the essence of the zellige material and is available in 4 variations of colored shades.

An exclusive design by Samir Mazer for Ateliers Zelij without permission to reproduce.

We can reproduce this model in the color of your choice, go to our “Bespoke” collection to select the color from our color chart.


Uses : 

Possibles installations :

A perfectly successful match with the industrial spirit of this concept store designed by Sarah Lavoine
TRC3 Jaune TC32 & Blanc titane TC00